Finding Balance

Tonight’s Wellness Wednesday was focussed upon supporting you in finding balance.

From this class you will learn to:

  • Recognise what balance is to you

  • identify the areas of life that are out of balance

  • What those areas would look & feel like when in balance

  • What are the triggers that knock you off balance

  • A short breath work pattern to support you in balancing the nervous system

  • Identify the practices that keep you grounded and in balance

  • Make a commitment to yourself

Being With Uncertainty In Changing Times

Being With Uncertainty In Changing Times.jpg

Over the last few weeks I have noticed both in my own life and whilst working with classes and clients that there is an emerging theme of change, some changes small, some changes quite large, some instigated and others landing with devastation.

So today I wish to speak to change- to the uncertainty that it brings to the terrain beneath our feet. To the fear that can contract us as the things around us that once seemed so familiar change. To the inner part of your being that might be freaking out.

In todays blog I offer some tools that I have been using as I move through more changes in life. My hope is that they will support you in meeting times of uncertainty and change from the space of alignment. A space within your being in which what you do, what you say, what you believe and what you feel are actually in harmony.

We want to root down and yet rise up, to stay grounded and yet to stay open to the fullest potential of our being.

  • Acknowledge you in this change.
    Is this change bringing happiness or is it bringing sadness/grief? Recognising what is true for you in this moment, and knowing that what is true for you in this moment will again change. When we acknowledge what is truly real rather than spiritually bypassing to what we want, and how we believe things should be, we witness the deepest part of our being and therefore enable ourselves to know ourselves deeper. In the acknowledgement their is an acceptance that happens, not a condoning, but a release from the struggle of believing things should be different.

  • Allow your routine to hold you

    Last week I wrote about the importance of developing a fluid routine that works for you and again this routine will be a holding of gentle nourishment for you- a hug from you, to you through this time of change. As the terrain beneath and around us changes having practices that instil a deep sense of gratitude can enable us to connect with the abundance that is all around.

  • Connect with your breath.

    Through the work that I offer I continuously see how we lock our breath in times of uncertainty, and I can see it so clearly as I used to do the exact same. The breath, if we are not relaxed or aware of it often becomes jilted and stuck as the nervous system feels the pang of uncertainty. So to enable us to fully receive this prana or life force through our breath we must be willing to consciously breathe through these times of change. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out.

  • Find your tribe.

    One of the biggest messages I keep hearing over the last few weeks is people needing a space of connection with like minded people. Who can nurture us through these times of change, with beliefs that align with our own. If you feel like you’re in need of a new tribe, come join us in our beautiful online community HERE

  • Allow the power of nature to rekindle your love of this world.

    Nature is such a healing force in all of its spirits. From the beautiful sunflowers that offer brightness & strength, to the daisies that grow snuggled in the grass, to the ivy that wraps around the tall tree and the birds who carefully build their nest within the branches of this tree.
    When we look to nature change is inevitable, the leaf on the tree must fall and release at some point and with this fall and release a new beginning opens. As the leaf lands on the Earth beneath it offers it’s life to the nourishment of the earth as it decomposes. Just like the leaf in this decomposing, the releasing, we create space. And it is this space that enables the creative possibility of a new beginnings to take nourishments to receive the blessings from that falling leaf, to learn the lessons and to evolve in a way that is growth.

To those of you who choose to walk with swirling uncertainty so you can live from alignment - I honour you and your spirit.

To those of you who navigate the unsteady terrain each day- I honour you and your courage.

To those of you curled up on a teary snotty mess- I honour you and your pain.

To those of you who have moved through the uncertainty to new landscapes and cheer others on- I honour you and your compassion.

With Love & Gratitude For You,

Laura x

Further information about the 1-1 Sound Healing and Holistic Life Coaching sessions I offer can be found in the work with Laura tab and all the upcoming events I offer can be found HERE.

Developing A Supportive Daily Routine

Through the work I offer both in my classes and through my 1-1 sessions I have the privilege of walking closely with many inspiring people as they courageously unpack and restructure their lives.

In my own life experience and through the witnessing of these amazing beings I am a firm believer in the power of a routine to act as a holding support, especially in times of change.

When I first began to develop my own routines I felt stifled- I'm a free spirit, and the thoughts of committing to a set of practices everyday churned my stomach, constricted my breath and catapulted me into rebellion mode....not constructive to the process!!

I remember waking up one day and realising that I didn't like routine, I wanted flow, I wanted to make space in my life to embrace the magical moments that popped up- so that's what I did- I began to weave a life that aligned with my souls calling.

I have put together some tips that deeply nourished me in creating a fluid routine and perhaps they might be support to you too.

  1. Decide what / how you want to feel

  2. Identify practices that invoke these feelings either when doing them or directly afterwards

  3. Choose one (yes just one to begin) and commit to doing it in a time frame that is appropriate for you for a set amount of days. Sometimes 5 minutes per day is all it takes to create the rhythm to make it lasting, and familiar

  4. At the end of the week review how this new routine has worked….and leave your judgements and monkey mind voices at the door. If it worked and you are beginning to feel the benefit, continue, extend the time or add an additional practice. If it’s not working review why and go back to step one and begin again.

Sometimes the best routines take time and fine tuning, so DON’T be disheartened if your first attempt doesn’t give you an instant life transformation. As the saying goes it’s about the journey not the destination.

Practices that you love will be far easier to integrate, so as a cheerleader for success and momentum start with those one!!

Further information about the 1-1 Sound Healing and Holistic Life Coaching sessions I offer can be found in the work with Laura tab and all the upcoming events I offer can be found HERE.

Dropping From Head To Heart

Dropping From Head To Heart

Very often we as adults live most of our life in our head, scheduling, planning, and attempting to control outcomes. I noticed this in my own behaviour last week as I drove through town. I don’t like driving in traffic- I’ve yet to meet someone who does- which means this might be a lesson for you too!!

As I drove I noticed my brain quickly jumping through a hoop of possible routes I could take, noting all the bottle necks, I would drive a little this way, then change and start to drive a different route, all in a attempt to save time and not sit in traffic.

I giggled when I spotted the controlling behaviour and noticed the tightness in my chest and breathing. The irony of this moment was not lost on me, so I pulled in and started to breath for maybe two or three minutes, deep into my heart, and then resumed my journey from a calmer, grounded, more peaceful, trusting place.

Today I offer this video to you, my hope is that it can support you too in coming from your head to your heart. To touching the calm, peaceful, relaxed part of your being, but be warned it won’t work in your car unless your a convertible ;)

This simple shift in my awareness to my behaviour and breath changed everything. Did the outward world change- NO, but I DID! Did I hit traffic- YES, did I gaze out the window and take in my surroundings- YES, did I arrived after I would have liked- YES, but I arrived calm, peaceful and grounded.

More details for my DRU Yoga Classes can be found HERE or upcoming events can be found HERE.


New Moon Magic

New Moon Magic

As the light of the moon disappears form view tonight we are guided into the dark moon phase or the new moon as its more recently called.  A time of cocooning inwards for reflection and dreaming.


We too just like the moon go through phases, every month, quarter and year and every seven years.  Earlier this week we moved through Bealtaine or ‘bright fire’ a half way point between spring equinox and summer solstice.  Our ancestors in the Celtic tradition celebrated this time as the beginning of summer, through celebration and lighting the summer fires.


Tonight, we move into the new / dark moon phase.  A time when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, meaning that we cannot see the light of the moon in the night sky.  Traditionally this was a time of inner reflection, a time to sow the seeds in the fertile space we have created within. 


When we begin to look at life in a cyclic nature we notice the power of cycles, how nature grows around us, how the moon waxes and wanes and often begin to realise just how out of balance we have become….enter disconnect. 


Darkness gives us the stillness to be, our senses soften, our eyes readjust, our hearing notices the different sounds of silence and our breathing deepens.  Yet how often do we take the time to be in the stillness of silence, to not fear the darkness? To not be connected to our phone, television or music? Our senses become over stimulated, so when the quietness comes it is too overwhelming, the void too great and we don’t know how to just be. Sound familiar??  


As we head into the bank holiday weekend here in Ireland I encourage you to slow down, to begin to notice how you are actually living your life.  To notice how many times you reach for your phone when you begin to enter that place of stillness or silence, to question why you are choosing to go outward and not inward.  To take this time of the dark moon to listen to the sound of silence and to experience the colour of darkness.  To reawaken your deeper senses, to notice the texture of your breath and to truly come home to you. I have weaved a little New / Dark Moon Ritual for you to support you in reconnecting with you, and hope you enjoy x

To learn more about our monthly Women’s Moon Circles and other nourishing events click HERE or to join our amazing online community click HERE.

With Love,

Laura x

New Beginnings

As someone who has spent fourteen years working in montessori pre-schools and another fourteen in the school system- September is really my 'New Year', and I'm excited to see what is ready to blossom, as the leaves fall (yes the irony of my 'upside-down' world is not lost on me).

The Trees Are About To Show Us How Lovely It Is To Let Things Go.png

After a very turbulent year with my health I am thrilled that my body is getting stronger again and that I can finally get back to supporting you through more regular classes, workshops, events & 1-1 sound healing, coaching & EFT sessions- practices, which literally fill my heart with joy.  This will be a slow integration to start with, but I am open to the unfolding adventure that is life :)

So for anyone else who has been through the shedding and emptying out process here is a little poem to support you on your New Beginning, I hope it brings you as much comfort as it did to me.

With Love,

Laura x

For A New Beginning by John O' Donohue

In out of the way places of the heart, where your thoughts never think to wander
This beginning has been quietly forming, waiting until you were ready to emerge.

For a long time it has watched your desire, feeling the emptiness grow inside you
Noticing how you willed yourself on still unable to leave what you had outgrown.

It watched you play with the seduction of safety, and the grey promises that sameness whispered
Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent, wondered would you always live like this.

Then the delight, when your courage kindled, and out you stepped onto new ground,
Your eyes young again with energy and dream, a path of plenitude opening before you.

Though your destination is not clear, you can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning that is one with your life’s desire.

Awaken your spirit to adventure, hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm, for your soul senses the world that awaits you.

Working With Your Unique Rhythm

Those of you who I have been connected with over the last few years know that I have become a big fan of working with our own unique rhythm and flow. Just as the waves roll in to the shore and then back to the ocean, how the sun and the moon both know when it's their time to shine- I ask you- what rhythms do you choose  to live by to support you in recharging and not burning out?

As summer solstice arrives I look to the seasons, and yes they do seem a little mixed up at the moment, but the concept of the seasons relates to us too- we are living beings like the trees, animals and plants around us.  The four main seasons give us the opportunity to move through the stages of birth (spring), growth (summer), harvest (autumn) & releasing (winter), yet the world in which we live promotes the summer phase, and I feel this 'always switched on mode' is having a detrimental effect on our physical and mental wellbeing.

So I've put together 5 tips that I use to get back in balance when life becomes too overwhelming.

  1. STOP. Yes you heard me right, and I can sense your horror at me even suggesting this, and now you are most likely listing the reasons why stopping is impossible, and that is EXACTLY why you need to stop- to recognise the speed and fullness of your life.
  2. Take some time to assess your life- where you are spending your precious time- and is it fulfilling you? Make a list and beside each option and notice where you are spending your time.
  3.  Now make a list of the things you do everyday- make a note on each of these- do you feel lifted or depleted- adjust accordingly.
  4. Connect with people, have a laugh and find your tribe. If you don't have an amazing community just yet- come join ours HERE.
  5. Everyday commit to taking one step regardless how small towards your dream, tiny steps build, they enable you to explore along the way, to release and realign as you move, so the life you create is one that fits you perfectly.

Upcoming Events:

With Love,Laura.png

Solstice Illumination- SPECIAL OFFER


I woke early this morning feeling very inspired and lifted, there was an immense sense of needing to be of service to the world, to spread the light, and it brought me back to a time when I was in India back in 2014.  Neck deep in panchakarma treatments in an Indian hospital, I woke early, long before the dawn chorus of the mountain animals, my tea light the only company.  Wrapped in my blanket, I sat quietly, as I absorbed this feeling of deep inner peace, I sat in the stillness, heart open, head quiet, I knew this was what I had been searching for, and yet with no sense of searching it was right here.  I sat for hours, I absorbed, I journaled, I relished this connection with my soul.  

I have encountered this connection many times since, usually after I fully surrender and take my hands off the steering wheel of life- when I stop doing what I think I 'should'.   I have come to know this deeper part of me over the last few years.  As I sat in the darkness this morning, only the flicker of my candle, I asked how do I share this with the world, so this very project was the answer.

So from the deepest part of my soul I choose to serve from a space of connection, of joy, of grace, to support you to illuminate something in your life that is keeping you disconnected, stuck and unhappy.

Having spent 12 years on this road I have healed so many of my own wounds, which have given me the opportunity to transform my chronic illnesses into life lessons.  During this time of survival I sought for solutions in desperation.  All I kept hearing was the answers are inside you, yet I was locked out- disconnected, so I couldn't hear the wisdom of my soul.  I was angry, frustrated and tired of all the efforting to get better.  Slowly as I began to shine a healing light of awareness, I saw more and more of me- the disconnect, the dis-ease, the shame, the guilt, the exhaustion and with support from my teachers, mentors and coaches I learned to integrate all of the life experiences I had been blessed with- the good & the 'bad'.

12 years on I am fully committed to living from this space of light.  Allowing the light of awareness to illuminate the aspects of me that still need healing.  Allowing me to return to my truest nature of LOVE, to be love and to spread love in this world.

So to share this magical feeling with each of you I am offering anyone who books into the Create Your Vision 2018 Retreat Day (before midnight on the 22nd of December) a FREE Solstice Illumination Session, to support you when you can't see the way out of the darkness.  To illuminate an area of your life that is leaving you feeling drained, disconnected and unfulfilled.  

Special Winter Solstice Offer Details:

For anyone booking into the Create Your Vision 2018 Retreat Day from today, and by midnight on the 22nd of December you will receive a FREE Solstice Illumination Session. The session will last for 45 minutes, will take place online- so from the comfort of your own home, can be taken up until the end of April 2018, saving you €50.  Sessions will use a holistic coaching model recognising the connection between our body, mind & deeper essence or soul aspect.  We will be guided to call upon a variety of healing tools from Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & EFT or Tapping.  Each session will be unique and tailored to your needs.

As solstice sets in, it gives us the perfect opportunity to work with this precious reflective energy, shine a light of awareness into our lives and illuminate the parts of our soul that wants to be healed, so we can return to our natural essence of love.

To avail of this special offer your place for Create Your Vision 2018 must be booked by midnight on the 22nd of December. Places can be booked with full payment of €111 or with a deposit of €40.

How To Connect With Your Chakras & Koshas

Anyone who has attended any of my classes, workshops or retreat days will have heard me speak about the Chakras (energy centres) or the Koshas (layers of our being), I have been fascinated by the inward journey that unfolds as I began to connect with these deeper layers of my being, and today I want to support you in the inward journey.

Once you know how to connect with these deep parts of your being you can begin to see VERY clearly when certain chakras or koshas are out of balance.  I have recorded a Restorative Yoga Video for you this week, as they first step of connection is relaxation- so I hope you enjoy it.

The 7 main chakras are based along the spine, from the base to the crown of the head.

  • Muladhara (root) all about our sense of groundedness & how secure we feel in this world
  • Swadhisthana(sacral)- realationships, attachements, desired, sexuality, emotions
  • Manipura (solar Plexus)- will power, motivation
  • Anahata (heart)- Love, Joy, Compassion
  • Vishuddha (throat)- ability to communicate clearly
  • Ajna (third eye)- forsight, clarity and intuition
  • Sahasrara (crown)- connection with your highest self

The 5 koshas or layers of our being are often described like the layers of an onion, when we peel them back we can experience the deeper aspects of our being.

  • Annamaya kosha- physical layer
  • Pranamaya kosha- energetic layer
  • Manomaya kosha- emotional & thought layer
  • Vijnanamaya koasha- sub concious & wisdom layer
  • Anandamaya kosha- bliss layer

When we understand the interactions between the koshas and the chakras we can begin to implement changes to bring ourselves back into a deeper space of harmony.


If you would like to work deeper with these layers why not come join our Relax, Restore & Renew Urban Retreat Day on the 30th of December.


Come join our growing online community of like minded, big hearted people.

Soul Goals

When you want an amazing life, to move beyond the superficial and into the what can I give, you reach a place of Soul Goals.  Allowing the true essence of your soul to be so full up that it ooooozzzes out into everything you do.

Within this video I share with you:

  • Simple tools to clear and strengthen your throat chakra enabling clear empowered communication

  • How to uncover your Soul Goals & start living them NOW

  • Plus a breathing exercise to bring you back into harmony and alignment.

Information on all the latest events can be found HERE or 1-1 Sound Healing and Holistic Life Coaching appointments. 

I hope you enjoy, and it serves you well.

With Love,Laura x (3).pngithL

Awaken Your Hearts Desire- Energy Block Release Sequence

Use the power of this Dru Yoga Energy Block Release Sequence to support you in releasing any blocked, stuck or stagnant energy and Awaken Your Hearts Desire.


Whilst the movements are physically gentle this sequences works on all the layers of our being (physical, emotional, energetic, thoughts & subconscious) and invokes the heart energy of Love, Joy & Compassion- and who doesn't want more of that??

Please take care of you, and honour your needs as you do this. Knowing the difference between your stretch and strain, but most of all ENJOY.


If you'd like more Dru Yoga in your life come join me at these UPCOMING EVENTS. Weekly Dru Yoga classes will resume in January- Details Here

With Love,Laura.png

Singing Bowls- An Introduction

So many people have contact me over the last week to ask me about the amazing singing bowls, so I've recorded this video for you to begin to introduce you to some of my amazing babies.

In this video there are 2 types of bowls- crystal & tibetan bowls.

The bowls work with the chakras and auric field enabling us to come back into balance.

When singing the bowls on the body their resonance and vibration absorbs inwards, massaging each cell, and every layer of our being.

Working with sound healing is both a powerful and profound tool to support both you, your family, and your environment in coming back into balance.

I use the singing bowls in my Sound Baths & 1-1 Sound Healing Sessions.


Bookings for the next sound baths can be completed HERE

New Moon- Connect - Align - Rise


You might be thinking what's the moon got to do me me- my response- EVERYTHING!! The moon has a huge pull on the tides and with the amount of water in our bodies it has a pull on us too- physically, emotionally and energetically.

This week we are heading into the dark moon and then the new moon on Thursday.  It's a time of sowing seedlings to allow them to come into their wholeness.  Might sound pretty WOO right? Well what if I told you that through connecting with the moon energy you could introduce a softness into your life, that does not require you to push to burn out to make your dreams a reality, would you be interested??

Thought is a little video I recorded last year with the moon sequence- which is a great accompaniment to the New & Full Moons (best to start at 36 seconds).

So if your ready to connect with an amazing tribe of like-minded people who are ready to live from a space of alignment and flow to transform their lives, then why not consider our new Moon Meditation & Group Sound Healing Class which will be starting on Wednesday the 18th of October. All the details can be found HERE

I'm excited to hear how you connect with the moon- share your inspiration in the comments below.

With Love,Laura x (2).png

The Art Of Self Care

Having returned from teaching at an amazing Goddess Retreat in the UK over the weekend I have had one HUGE take away-


Might sound selfish, indulgent or right up your road?

When we look at our life as a pot of energy, EVERYTHING we choose to do either fills or empties some of our precious life force from that pot- lifting us or depleting us. The secret is finding the balance of caring for ourselves and the people who we choose to share our life with.

So for the next 21 days I'm taking Self Care on as my spiritual practice- getting CHOOSY with how I want to spend my life force. Letting go of the guilt, should-ing and people pleasing.

This was a practice that I had become quite the expert in as I journeyed through ten years of chronic illness.  But as my body healed I could do more, like all those things that I was restricted from ploughing my energy into. Yet now I'm recognising the need to priorities my self care  again- to take a minimum of 5 minutes each day for me, with me, to remember those practices that make me feel whole.

If you'd like to join me on this journey of self care just pop over to our Facebook Group- I will share inspiration, tools & techniques that I will be using to amp up my own self care, to listen a little deeper and connect within, plus it's totally FREE- my gift to you.

Using Autumn Equinox (Friday September 22nd) as a starting point to bless us with balance we will support each other to grow into our wholeness, to share fun and easy ways in which we can care for our head, health and heart. 

The Winding Path Of Spirituality

For those of you who have taken the vow to walk the path of spirituality. To those who refuse to live in a state of unhappiness. To those who choose to peel back the layers and unveil your soul, you'll know this one very well.

Spiritual Growth.png

For those of you new to this path, know we are here for you, to walk with you as the road curves.

When I first set foot on this path many years ago, I was in a complete state of rebellion- as in it was the only option left, so I pushed harder to make a life that was not working, work- and guess what it STILL didn't- no matter how hard I tried.

Then came a thought that maybe there was a different way- cue the arrival of seedlings...getting curious...planting more seeds....taking care of them- and voila here I am.

Continuously observing the garden that is my life- sitting in it, adding to it, removing from it, resting in it- recognising that through growth nothing can stay the same- softening the need to control- allowing the garden to lead the way.

Our life is what we make it, the natural cycles within a garden will reflect this, and as growing living beings we too will change.

Sow, water, prune and nurture wisely.

With Love,Laura.png

Find Your Running Buddies

Life can be challenging depending how you choose to live, but gathering your tribe of like minded people will support you in staying focussed and on track to grow into your best self.

If you need more support come join our beautiful online community HERE

With Love,

Laura x

Notice The Blessings

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to slow down and notice the abundance of blessings that are already present in our life.

Today I encourage you to begin and commit to this practice which will transform your life.

New Moon Rolling In Tonight

Our beautiful New Moon is rolling in tonight.... make your wishes and set your intentions.

Watch the video to understand how you can harness it's power, and why I've been in hibernation for the last few weeks.

Eating Mindfully This Christmas

Yummy Tasty Food?? Yes Please. 

Bloated, Stagnant, Food Baby, ERRR Nope!!!

This christmas being mindfully aware of HOW and WHAT you are eating can really support and help you.

I have put together a few tips to help you optimise the functioning of your digestive system, and to still enjoy your food.

If your feeling a little stagnant on the 27th, come join me at one or both of our Urban Retreat Day Workshop, all the details are HERE

Have a wonderful christmas

With Love,

Laura x