Chakradance workshops are a journey inwards. We use spontaneous dance, specific music, guided imagery and mandala art to journey through the chakra system. Chakradance will begin to activate inner experiences – it is almost like entering into a waking dream. 

So many of us suffer from uncomfortable symptoms in our lives – depression, anxiety, addictions, compulsive behaviors etc. In traditional shamanic cultures, it is believed that these symptoms arise from loss of connection to the soul. Basically there is conflict between our inner and outer lives.

Fortunately, the soul has a natural instinct to heal. It is constantly communicating with us and telling us what it needs through our bodies, our feelings, our relationships, our dreams, our art and our dance. Once we attune ourselves to our soul’s language, deep healing can begin to take place.

Chakradance is a free flow form of dance through which we connect with the chakras, visualisation and all the energy to be expressed through our dance. The dance is completed with a soft gaze or your eyes closed and the music is tuned to the chakras too, so even if your too tired to dance the whole class your still absorbing the sound vibration.

Chakradance is open to everyone- it's your dance, so no right or wrong way to do it, just your way.



Each class consists of:

  • meditation & visulaisation

  • free form dance (your movements)

  • mandala art (no art experience required)

  • music tuned to the chakras

  • handouts

During this ‘Dancing Your Roots’ workshop on November 4th we will connect with each chakra to Awaken the energy, and then deeply connect with the muladhara (base) chakra to support us in feeling grounded, safe and secure in our lives.

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