The aim of this FREE 7 day challenge is to release what is no longer serving you and to get your life moving in a way that feels connected, flowing and freeeeeee in 2018.


From Monday the 8th of January for 7 days we will inspire each other to declutter and detox a certain area of our life to create space for the NEW.


One of the biggest mistakes I see with clients who want to attract something new into their life, is there is simply NO SPACE. So together we are going to create this space.


The 7 day challenge will take place LIVE in our beautiful facebook community, so you can join us live, or watch the replay.


I will encourage you to interact and get involved with the community, as when we do things together we build momentum and there is a stronger possibility of success when we cheer each other on,


Ideally you will need to set aside 10-15 minutes each day to complete this challenge- and if you are already thinking I don't have that time, I challenge you to think of what NEW you want in your life, as there are 1440 minutes each day- how you CHOOSE to use them is up to you ;)


So if your ready to Create Space For The New In Your Life come join us HERE.


Plus if you have amazing friends who you would love to support in creating this magical new space in their life invite them to join us.


With Love,

Laura x