Lotus it is she who is calling

Working with the energy of the Divine Feminine is a calling, a remembering, an awakening to the pure power that lies within, and when I say power I do not mean it in the, patriarchal sense which our society has experienced so much over the years, to have power was the suppression of others, but this power is filled with pureness- a rising power through which we lift others.

She Guides

Whilst working with the Divine Feminine we are connecting to the womb wisdom, the goddess and the Shakti which resides within each of us.  Learning and thus remembering this innate intelligence within gives us the opportunity to live from a space that is nurturing, releasing the need for the hard hustle and softening into the energy within which can propel us forward in a way that seems impossible in this hard-grafting world.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you don’t have to show up and take action, or there won’t be challenging times, but the more we choose to do this work the more we remember who we are, and the more supported we feel in life.

Actively choosing to lead from the feminine (heart centered) energy enables us to lean into HER divine support, to receive HER guidance and to rise whilst lifting others.

If you would like to explore more about this way of living I offer a variety of different workshops, courses and soon to be retreats.

All gatherings are designed to support you to soften into your fullest self, to connect with a tribe of like minded sisters, to arise, to awaken and to step forward in changing our world.

Trainings and gathering are based at different depths to support you to uncover at a pace that feels appropriate for you. 

Moon Circles

Monthly Gatherings

Learn to harness & connect with the power of the moon


Goddess Workshops

Connect and Awaken the Goddess within through movement, chanting, sound, meditation & holistic self inquiry.


Dive Deep

Commit to a 9 month birthing process to shed the conditioning & limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and enable you to rise into your wholeness.

Ready to delve in further, but not sure which workshops or program is right for you?