Please note if the below contra-indications apply I cannot accept you for my case studies, but hopefully when I become more experienced and fully qualified we can explore options.

  • Pregnancy

  • Heart pace maker

  • Metal implants

  • Cancer tumours 

  • 3 months after surgery.

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Thanks for clicking through.  I am in the process of completing my sound healing training (yes- it was a surprise to me too), and as part of this I am required to complete some case studies.

I have begun my case studies and am in LOVE with it, so I am now looking for two more people to receive three sound healing sessions each- ideally 1 per week.

The sound healing sessions will take 45 - 60 minutes and take place in my beautiful home in Donabate. 

I will complete an aura cleanse and a spinal column treatment in these sessions, this will be done both standing and lying on your abdomen- pillows & blankets provided :)

Our body harmonizes, our central nervous system restores calm, our thoughts slow down or even stop, heart rate drops, breathing and circulation rate decreases and synchronise and we begin to self- heal.
— Carmel Diviney

I will also need more participants in the coming months as I will be completing level 2 & level 3 trainings, so please fill out the form if you are interested in experiencing some sound healing sessions with me.

A Brief introduction to My New Friends.