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Healing is about wholeness, coming back into our natural state of being, living life to the fullest whilst lifting others as we rise.



My name is Laura Murphy and I am the founder of Love Your Life.  An inspiring, creative company dedicated to the wholeness of our awakening world. Through my work I use a variety of techniques to empower people to release blocks, raise their vibration and attune to their souls calling.

Having moved through fourteen years of severe chronic illness, I know all about the disconnect, the hopeless dark hole, the suffering within, but most importantly I know how to reconnect- to get back in, when you get locked out.


With clients and small groups, I use gentle yet powerful techniques such as yoga, meditation, chanting, sacred sound healing, EFT, coaching and holistic self-inquiry to empower people to move back into their own unique space of wholeness.


At Love Your Life we know that living from a state of wholeness does not always mean that life is easy. Instead it reflects your commitment to growth and expansion, that in those challenges you have the tools to connect inwards despite the outward storm.  To understand the process of growth, to take inspired action from a space of love and gratitude, all whilst supported by a community of amazing women who believe in your wholeness.


I now live my life, deeply connected to my soul, surrounded by spiritual teachers, mentors and friends- this is my life, by choice, by calling, by commitment.


It is an honour to walk this path, it is a privilege to share it with others.

With Love,Laura

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