Those of you who I have been connected with over the last few years know that I have become a big fan of working with our own unique rhythm and flow. Just as the waves roll in to the shore and then back to the ocean, how the sun and the moon both know when it's their time to shine- I ask you- what rhythms do you choose  to live by to support you in recharging and not burning out?

As summer solstice arrives I look to the seasons, and yes they do seem a little mixed up at the moment, but the concept of the seasons relates to us too- we are living beings like the trees, animals and plants around us.  The four main seasons give us the opportunity to move through the stages of birth (spring), growth (summer), harvest (autumn) & releasing (winter), yet the world in which we live promotes the summer phase, and I feel this 'always switched on mode' is having a detrimental effect on our physical and mental wellbeing.

So I've put together 5 tips that I use to get back in balance when life becomes too overwhelming.

  1. STOP. Yes you heard me right, and I can sense your horror at me even suggesting this, and now you are most likely listing the reasons why stopping is impossible, and that is EXACTLY why you need to stop- to recognise the speed and fullness of your life.
  2. Take some time to assess your life- where you are spending your precious time- and is it fulfilling you? Make a list and beside each option and notice where you are spending your time.
  3.  Now make a list of the things you do everyday- make a note on each of these- do you feel lifted or depleted- adjust accordingly.
  4. Connect with people, have a laugh and find your tribe. If you don't have an amazing community just yet- come join ours HERE.
  5. Everyday commit to taking one step regardless how small towards your dream, tiny steps build, they enable you to explore along the way, to release and realign as you move, so the life you create is one that fits you perfectly.

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