Creating change can be challenging, but making changes stick can be a whole other ball game. So unless your Hermione Grainger and have a magical wand to create your desires changes commitment and persistence will be on the list. So remember.....

"You Only Fail When You Give Up"

I have put together a short few tips to support you enabling your changes to stick, because lets face it who wants to FAIL? Yup didn't think so!!

  • Tip 1.

Discover your WHY. Get really clear on why you are making the change, and what will be the results of the effort you make in implementing this change.  It might be you will spend less time on facebook, and more time snuggled up with a book, you clear the clutter to in-still a felling of calmness when you sit down to relax, or you quit sugar to support your digestive system.  Whatever your change get really clear on your why, and then write it down

  • Tip 2

Reminders are key- out of sight out of mind- sound familiar?? Place your written WHY somewhere you will see it several times a day. Place a picture on your phone if you feel this will support you and set your alarm as an added reminder. These reminders will then become your new routine to support your changes.

  • Tip 3

Find an accountability partner to help keep you on track.  If you need a little encouragement come and join our supportive Love Your Life Online Community we are going to be starting some weekly accountability pairings, so if you need a little nudge (and by that I mean Bum Kicking) this might just be the place for you!!

  • Tip 4

Avoid puppy-itis. Focus your time and energy, and make just one change at a time, once you have mastered this start on the next one,  

  • Tip 5

Having FUN makes life and lasting change just a little easier. I don't want to have FUN said no person ever!!