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For me having practices to complete on a daily bases was in the past a hassle. I would do them, and feel AMAZING, but the commitment to doing them daily was a drudge. I liked the daily spontaneity, but I didn’t like the tendencies I would veer toward on the non-practice days of unbalance, ungrounded-ness and disconnection. So I recognized I needed daily practices but I resisted for quite some time, filling my own head with stories of busyness, that I didn’t ‘need’ my practice today, the stories went on and on, until eventually I consciously choose to be my best self. 

My daily practice is something that helps me to be my best self, to shine my light and to live from that deeper space of love, to be love and give love.

So my daily practices happen throughout the day, often at different times of the day and in different sequences, they are simply time with Laura, but go like this- SIT, MOVE, EAT.


1. SIT- Sitting with myself in meditation, lighting my candle and moving into a space of stillness, chanting mantras with my harmonium or on my mala, each brings me to this deep place of stillness and connection. Where I can simply sit in myself, with myself, as myself.

2. MOVE- Every day I commit to doing a yogic sequence called the Prana Kriyas. They are simple, and I can do them, in fact EVERYONE can do them. This sequence works with the energetic layer of my being helping to create a deeper sense of harmony as they work as a cleanse, and let’s face it who doesn’t want squeaky clean energy?? This is my daily commitment, although usually it spans far beyond just the praana kriyas, often to more yoga, a walk in nature, or on busy paperwork days an hourly reminder on my phone to stretch and move.

3. EAT- Eating nourishing food, helps me to love and honor me (I have an 80 / 20 rule, so yes I still eat chocolate). This process usually involves me tuning in to what my body requires and cooking a feast to support it. I love to cook and cooking is a creative time for me, there is rarely a recipe in sight let alone a weighing scales yet I can open the fridge and create a feast in no time. I enjoy the process of cooking, of taking the time to cook, of infusing my food with this joy and the mindful moment I sit with my meal before eating. Reflecting on how grateful I am for the food and knowledge I have learned.

I believe fully in the power of having a daily routine, of choosing to support and nourish me, so that I can in turn support and nurture others.

I would encourage everyone to add the things that nourish you to your daily routine, start with one thing, and once you feel it has been integrated add another, keep going until you feel full up, and then go and share this nourishment with the people in your life.