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Day 1: 

Getting Grounded.

We live in a society that promotes busyness, working long hours, the glorification of stress, but what if I told you, a secret to getting more done with less stress?

Day 1 of Tips & Tricks To Take Your Practice Off The Mat & Into Life is just that, an often forgotten secret to finding your balance.


Now before we go any further I know you are busy, and have a list of things to do, but all I am asking is that you take 5 - 10 minutes (there are 1440 minutes each day- so don't tell me you don't have time) to support yourself.

Take yourself out to nature, take some long deep breaths, and just notice the dance of nature around you.  

Connecting with nature will ground you, and guess what- when you are grounded you are more productive.

When you feel grounded, connected, balanced you work from a more stable place, your focus is higher, your stress levels lower and life in general is far more pleasant this way.


So take your schedule out, and block off 10 minutes in your diary, we schedule the things that are important to us.

 10 minutes to get out into nature, 10 minutes to nurture you, and if you don't have access to nature just slow down the pace you walk at, actually notice your feet on the earth as you walk.


Breath In The Support, Breath Out The Busyness.