Day 2: 

Examining Attachment & Practicing Acceptance.


Often when we become attached to the outcome of the things we desire we move into a space that creates suffering.


When we begin to suffer we have moved into a space of conflict with what is.  We often judge, dislike, disown or suppress what we find and this creates a disconnect within.


 When we can simply notice the reactions to our attachments in our body, mind & emotions we become the observer.


When we can simply accept the observation we can free ourselves from the attachment which enables us to have a healthy relationship with our desires.


For example yesterday I had planned to have a pretty active day, but when I woke up my body ached.  In the past this would have really upset me I would have resisted the pain, but instead of freaking out (and playing the gahhhh things in my body are starting to flare again tape) my initial reaction was the words 'How Interesting'.  I lay in bed and just pondered what was, just noticed the body sensations, just accepted what was in that moment, not trying to change anything but just being.  I got up and had a very slow paced day, half the things I planned to do did not get done, but I had such a productive day slowing down and practicing acceptance, playing the observer, noticing & nurturing my needs.

So take a few moments to notice what you are resisting, see if you can move into the space of willingness to accept it, and watch what happens.