Day 3:

Get Moving.

Today we are looking at our 3rd chakra our Manipura- that fire in our belly to get things done, the willpower to stick with it and complete the task at hand.


Often if our energy is low or we are feeling sluggish our motivation or willpower to get things done slows down or disappears.  The couch with a promise of just one episode of your favourite program before you start the to do list seems like a good bargaining tool.


News flash- this will stagnate your energy further!!!


So todays tip is all about shaking off that energy to support you to boost yourself back up, and to get things DONE!!


So put on your favourite song, and take 3 - 4 minutes and simply dance around, or do any of the activations from our weekly Dru Yoga classes to help shake off any stagnation.


When you start to move your body- like dancing around- you begin to releases endorphins which contribute to the feel good factor, and let's face it who doesn't want to feel good?!


So now that I have Taylor Swifts 'SHAKE IT OFF' stuck in my head, and I'm guessing you now do too, go and Get Moving.