Day 5:

Sing Your Heart Out.

When we sing or chant we give all the muscles and organs in our throat a massage.  The vibrational movement of these muscles & organs then in turn begin to work with the vishuddhi chakra.

When we can stand in our power, our communication is open, honest and yet compassionate, we can articulate our needs and communicate clearly.

There are lots of different options to todays tip:

  • Chanting Mantras (devotional singing) or Kirtan (call and response chanting)  both work with the bhakti element, envoking the heart chakra
  • Or simply just belting out your favourite song

All help to clear and strengthen the throat chakra. 

So singing in the shower is encouraged, dancing and singing together get double points (just not in the shower).

As promised these are some of my favourite chants:

I usually attend a chanting event in Dublin city centre every 4 - 6 weeks, so if anyone would like to come along to the next one, just contact Yasia HERE