Day 6:

Clarity & Calm.

In the world we live in calmness is often an ideal state of being, yet how many of us can actually say we experience calmness everyday?


Todays pranayama or breathwork is all about invoking calmness, returning us back to our natural state of being.  I find the 4-4-4-4 breath ratio of sama vritti fantastic for calming my busy mind, and as a great tool for sleep challenges.


Life is like the waves in the video, they keep coming, keep crashing in.  Our thoughts are the waves, causing all the noise, and often sucking us in.  Its almost impossible to see the sand beneath the waves when the waves are crashing, but when crashing waves are calmed we can see with clarity.

So take a few moments to focus today upon the calmness use the sama vritti breath, and watch the calmness set in.

Watch the clarity unfold as your thoughts calm down, open yourself to the guidance you are seeking, as with the sea, all we need to do is calm the waves, the answers are already within you.