What People Are Saying......

In 4 weeks of life coaching with Laura I feel like I am carrying a lighter load. I am tackling issues with a lot more clarity and feel more confident that I will achieve my goals.
I am no longer afraid to make lists and timetables as I now see that not getting everything done on the list / timetable is not a sign of failure but a work in progress. Thank you so much Laura, keep doing what you are doing.
— Nichola, Dublin
Any class or workshop with Laura is always such an uplifting experience. For the 2016 Create Your Vision Workshop I left feeling focused and looking forward to the rest of the year. Laura always takes the time to talk with each person before the class or workshop and at the end making it much more personal and really sets a welcoming environment.
— Lauren G
2015 was a challenging year for me, a year of two halves really and the last half of the year saw me crash and burn. It took a long time to build myself back up so when I saw Laura advertise this workshop and I saw the words ‘Create Your Vision’, I thought ‘Yes, please!’....
I have big plans for 2016, and even though I go into most years thinking this one will be different, 2016 for me is already different because I’m taking ownership of my life, taking actions to make it better, and being kind and loving towards myself.
Laura is such a lovely, gentle, genuine person and I love her style of Dru yoga. During this workshop we did a mix of Dru yoga, meditations, energy block releasing and some Yin or Restorative Yoga - these were just wonderful and helped to prime us for creating our Vision boards for the year. Such a lovely experience to share with like-minded people and would highly recommend it :) xxx
— Lorraine
Create Your Vision:
I loved Laura’s workshop, it was an amazing 4 hour experience. I have never removed energy blocks before manifesting, it makes so much more sense to be clear and focused in advance.
I recommend the workshop.
— A.G.
This was a wonderful experience.
There were lots of different parts to the workshop, (yoga, relaxation, meditation, vision boards making etc) which flowed and were delivered with such effortless ease by Laura. She has such a wealth of knowledge and shares her life experiences with such honesty and humour.
Through her many health issues, the knowledge and methods she has learnt over the last 10 years to cope and give herself a better quality of life she would like to share with you that knowledge.
— E.M.
Finally, I wrote something new! I have to thank you for this because you gave me a lot of motivation that helped build up my courage to write again
— M.W, Dublin
Being apart of Nourish Your Soul was an absolute blessing. Laura is a wonderful teacher and my life is closer to where I want it to be because of her. With this course I came to understand that I am not alone with my struggles but also that they don’t need to control me anymore. I have come to adopt a variety of meditative techniques in my life that are so simple yet so effective. Thank you Laura. You’re an angel.
— Eimear
Nourish your Soul’ provide empowering tools to help me manage stress and direct my life towards my dreams , while simultaneously making choices to appreciate life and get to know and accept who I truly am. Laura is a beautiful example of how positive action based on proven techniques can transform your experience of life .
— Una
I started Dru yoga with Laura to help me relax and regenerate my body. To ease tired muscles and release outdated belief systems.

What I experienced was a caring intuitive holistic healing class that guided me inward on a journey of self discovery. The emphasis on tuning into how I am feeling increased my awareness and body mind connection.

A beautiful life enhancing class!
— Una
I started the Dru Yoga class with Laura after being in a Car Accident & unable to go to my weekly hatha yoga class. I found Dru yoga a gentler type of yoga & was such a blessing to find this class at a difficult time in my life. Laura is so much more than a yoga teacher & really takes an interest in you as a person, her advice & support for the last 9 months has been invaluable & something I will always be grateful to her for. I am now back at my other yoga class but continue with the Dru as I enjoy the class so much I couldn’t imagine not going.
— Louise
This Create Your Vision Workshop was an uplifting, enlightening and positive experience.The course consisted of an afternoon in an ambient setting with gentle lighting, soft music and warm, like minded people. I highly recommend this course which was perfectly timed at the end of January. It was an afternoon of perfection.
— E.W.
This is a great Dru yoga class and Laura is a truly wonderful teacher and inspiring facilitator. She not only takes us through her wide portfolio of physical postures and exercises but she also creates a highly mindful and relaxing atmosphere - making her class a must-do event each week.
— P.P