I woke early this morning feeling very inspired and lifted, there was an immense sense of needing to be of service to the world, to spread the light, and it brought me back to a time when I was in India back in 2014.  Neck deep in panchakarma treatments in an Indian hospital, I woke early, long before the dawn chorus of the mountain animals, my tea light the only company.  Wrapped in my blanket, I sat quietly, as I absorbed this feeling of deep inner peace, I sat in the stillness, heart open, head quiet, I knew this was what I had been searching for, and yet with no sense of searching it was right here.  I sat for hours, I absorbed, I journaled, I relished this connection with my soul.  

I have encountered this connection many times since, usually after I fully surrender and take my hands off the steering wheel of life- when I stop doing what I think I 'should'.   I have come to know this deeper part of me over the last few years.  As I sat in the darkness this morning, only the flicker of my candle, I asked how do I share this with the world, so this very project was the answer.

So from the deepest part of my soul I choose to serve from a space of connection, of joy, of grace, to support you to illuminate something in your life that is keeping you disconnected, stuck and unhappy.

Having spent 11 years on this road I have healed so many of my own wounds, which have given me the opportunity to transform my chronic illnesses into life lessons.  During this time of survival I sought for solutions in desperation.  All I kept hearing was the answers are inside you, yet I was locked out- disconnected, so I couldn't hear the wisdom of my soul.  I was angry, frustrated and tired of all the efforting to get better.  Slowly as I began to shine a healing light of awareness, I saw more and more of me- the disconnect, the dis-ease, the shame, the guilt, the exhaustion and with support from my teachers, mentors and coaches I learned to integrate all of the life experiences I had been blessed with- the good & the 'bad'.


11 years on I am fully committed to living from this space of light.  Allowing the light of awareness to illuminate the aspects of me that still need healing.  Allowing me to return to my truest nature of LOVE, to be love and to spread love in this world.

So to share this magical feeling with each of you I am offering you a Solstice Illumination Session at a reduced rate, to support you through this busy and often difficult disconnected time of year.  


The session will last for 1 hour, will take place online- so from the comfort of your own home, and cost just €40 (that's €35 - €45 saving on my usual hourly session fees).  Sessions will use a holistic coaching model recognising the connection between our body, mind & deeper essence or soul aspect.  We will be guided to call upon a variety of healing tools from Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & EFT or Tapping.  Each session will be unique and tailored to your needs.

As solstice sets in, it gives us the perfect opportunity to work with this precious reflective energy, shine a light of awareness into our lives and illuminate the parts of our soul that wants to be healed, so we can return to our natural essence of love.

To avail of this special offer your session must be booked and taken between the 21st of December 2016 & the 9th of January 2017.