Within this Summer Solstice Sacred Sound Workshop we will tap into the energy of our ancestral traditions as we gather in circle to celebrate the longest day of the year.  Connecting with the sound and resonance of our own voice through mantra and chakra toning, we will strengthen the light within and awaken the wisdom which has been sleeping.  We will then flow into a sound bath and I will be guided to play a variety of different instruments incorporating drum, gong, singing bowls, solfeggio pipes and chimes to support the integration and remembering of the sacred chants into your being.


On a physical level the vibrations of the sounds absorb and encourage the body to move back into a natural state of balance in which the body can begin the process of repair and restoration.


On an energetic level the sounds work on our aura and vibrational frequency, dissolving stagnant energy, aligning the chakras and lifting the vibration of our being.


Our thoughts become less, and sometimes disappear, and our emotions soften as we move into a state of deep relaxation.


This Summer Solstice Sacred Sound Workshop will incorporate chanting with harmonium, enabling you to activate the resonance tuner within (your voice), during the sound bath there will be a variety of different sacred sounds introduced such as gong, singing bowls, drum, solfeggio pipes and chimes, before drifting into deep relaxation.


No previous chanting or sound healing experience is needed to attend.


When: Wednesdays the 21st of June from 7.30 – 9.30pm

Where: River Holistic Raheny

Cost: €30

Places will be limited to 8 people and must be pre-booked / pre-paid

Booking Terms & Conditions


This weekly class will be a unique fusion of gentle yoga and sacred sound to support you in raising your vibrational energy, whilst nurturing and enabling your unique healing process.  When we work with chanting mantras, singing bowls, solfeggio tones and gongs the resonance absorbs inwards supporting our cells to reprogram and remember their innate vibration.

Through use of sacred sound and movement we begin to shed the dense heavier energy of daily life, thus rising our vibrational energy, allowing us to effortlessly attract higher frequency people and experiences into our lives.

Singing Bowls

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I offer kirtan and chanting with my harmonium through the workshops I deliver.  I also use the power of the singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and chimes to assist in the healing and relaxation both individually and in groups.