The moon or Yin aspect of our being is all about allowing, harnessing and invoking the feminine aspect of our divine nature.  The moon by it's very nature simply reflects the light of the sun (our masculine or yang aspect), yet it illuminates the sky at full moon when it comes into it's wholeness.

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The moon has a huge effect on our tides and this is also reflected in our bodies (even if you are not aware of it).  As women our bodies move in a natural cycle of the moon- our 28 day cycle, and as we gather together to celebrate this full moon workshop, we tap into the collective support of sisterhood, knowing that together we are stronger.


The full moon is a time for coming into our wholeness and cleansing that which no longer supports us, to enable us to move forward in life we must first be prepared to shed or release to make space for the new, whilst the new moon is a time of renewal, for planting the seedlings of that which we are ready to nurture and grow.


Within these special womens moon workshops we will explore Dru yogic sequences to open our hearts whilst drawing in the cleansing energy of the full moon.  As we allow this heart energy to expand we will express it through the use of our voice as we chant to remove obstacles, and rise into our wholeness.


Bhakti yoga or chanting is all about expressing the heart energy through the use of sacred mantras or sounds- sounding pretty when you sing is NOT the aim, as this practice sings through you.

New women's moon circles are currently being scheduled for the Summer & autumn, contact us to find out more.