Your Urban Retreat

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I'm delighted you've decided to join me on Saturday.
Please note the following details to support you, in getting the most from this event:


  • Directions to River Holistic in Raheny can be found HERE. On street parking is available- please check signs as some roads around the centre are pay and display. My number is 085 8225450 if anyone gets lost, my phone will be turned off from 11.30am & 3pm.  This event will take place in the River Room (new Studio entrance door beside hair salon), two doors down from the main entrance of the centre. 


  • I will need everyone who has not attended a yoga or sound workshop with me before to complete a registration form- so please arrive 5 minutes early so we can start on time.  The form is to inform me of any medical conditions which you may have and also to confirm that sound healing is not contraindicated for you. You will need to confirm the following do not apply to you for workshop 2:  a pacemaker, inflammation, advanced stage of cancer, cancer tumours, metal implants, had surgery within 3 months and are not in the first trimester of pregnancy. If any of these apply to you please contact me in advance via or on 085 8225450.


  • Start Time / Late Entrants: these workshop will be starting on time, and you are welcome to arrive from 11.15am for workshop 1 or from 2.45pm for workshop 2. The entrance door (downstairs) will be closed from 11.30am & 3pm onwards- so PLEASE arrive early, as once I commence the sound work I will not be in a position to leave the class to answer the door- plus I don't want you missing this event.  If you find time usually escapes you please allow lots of extra time, so you can arrive in a relaxed way.  The studio will be locked between the workshops, so you can leave your non-valuable belongings in the room while you pop out for lunch or take a stroll in the park.

What To Bring:


Chanting, Sound Bath & Meditation

3 - 5pm

  • Before the workshop please drink lots of water to support the resonance / vibration of sound in your body.
  • your mat, a cushion or pillow, blanket & water, notebook & pen (if you'd like to take notes of the toning sounds / mantras).


Relax, Restore, Renew Yoga & Deep Relaxation

11.30am - 1.30pm

  • your mat, a cushion or pillow, blanket & water.