It’s now the middle of January, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be glad to get back to a routine which supports your being on every level- physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally.  I am glad to see the back of the Christmas sweeties, as like a magpie, I am drawn to their twinkling wrappers and the sugar hit that follows.  But I have recognised that this year more than ever, that certain habits which I found myself falling into over the Christmas festivities did not serve me.

Over the years I have recognised how similar we all are, so I reckon if I’m feeling the aftermath of Christmas there is a high possibility you are too, so I've put together 5 suggestions to empower you to take care of your body and get it back to its optimum functioning level.

So now I ask the question I found myself pondering over Christams “What if you could do a few simple things which could help to restore your sense of connection and balance in your life, would you?”  I have included a few suggestions of simple changes which can have a BIG impact, and are part of my normal (outside Christmas) routine.

I would encourage you to carve out some time in your day, and by that I mean commit to 10, 20, 30 minutes of me time each day- making it non-negotiable, and then using this time in a way that truly benefits YOU.

I strongly believe it’s essential to look after our physical body first to enable us to actually be present to the changes we would like to make.  For example if our physical body is out of kilter it’s almost impossible to think clearly and find the motivation to implement lifelong changes.

So the following changes are recommendations to get you back on track after the festive season.

1.     Get Organised.  It’s very difficult to implement changes if we are flying by the seat of your pants, so identify what it is that you want to change and make a list of what / when you will do this.

2.     Get moving. Our lymphatic system does not have a pump to move the toxins in our body, so when you move so do the toxins.  Simple changes like getting off the bus a stop or two early, or going for a quick walk at lunch will make a big difference.  Don’t forget that exercise releases endorphins (the feel good hormone) so not only are you helping your physical body but your mental well-being.   

3.     Hydration.  Drink 7 – 8 glasses of water each day, and by water I do actually mean water, but if this will be too challenging and you want to supplement some water with herbal teas (do check their caffeine content, as not all herbal teas are as healthy as you might think).  Staying properly hydrated will keep your body functioning at an optimum level, preventing constipation, sluggishness and helping to detox your system after Christmas.

4.     Get to bed earlier.  Allow time so you have the opportunity to sleep for 7 to 8 hours each night, Ayurveda believes that sleeping between 10 pm & 2am is the best time to enable your body to restore and replenish itself. Put a bedtime routine in place that enables you to wind down and fall asleep easily, such as switching off the tv earlier, taking a bath, stretching your body- you will know what works best for you.   

5.     Become more aware of what you’re eating and aim for a more balanced diet- we all know the foods we ‘shouldn’t’ eat, yet an 80% / 20% approach makes our tasty treats and the focus of a balanced diet more achievable.  Whilst on your 80% try to eat local fresh food, rather than processed foods.

As with any changes there will always be a level of resistance, so it will take a commitment, but I have no doubt that once you tune into your body you will discover the wisdom which lies within, and restore yourself back to balance.

Once you become more aware of your thoughts, habits and patterns you will begin to become more experienced in the art of self-care.  And by that I mean taking care of yourself, the way you would a child or a friend, but now we are talking about YOU.  

Take some time to honour yourself, your needs and your desires, because when we take care of ourselves we have so much more to offer the world.