For those of you who have taken the vow to walk the path of spirituality. To those who refuse to live in a state of unhappiness. To those who choose to peel back the layers and unveil your soul, you'll know this one very well.

Spiritual Growth.png

For those of you new to this path, know we are here for you, to walk with you as the road curves.

When I first set foot on this path many years ago, I was in a complete state of rebellion- as in it was the only option left, so I pushed harder to make a life that was not working, work- and guess what it STILL didn't- no matter how hard I tried.

Then came a thought that maybe there was a different way- cue the arrival of seedlings...getting curious...planting more seeds....taking care of them- and voila here I am.

Continuously observing the garden that is my life- sitting in it, adding to it, removing from it, resting in it- recognising that through growth nothing can stay the same- softening the need to control- allowing the garden to lead the way.

Our life is what we make it, the natural cycles within a garden will reflect this, and as growing living beings we too will change.

Sow, water, prune and nurture wisely.

With Love,Laura.png