Having returned from teaching at an amazing Goddess Retreat in the UK over the weekend I have had one HUGE take away-


Might sound selfish, indulgent or right up your road?

When we look at our life as a pot of energy, EVERYTHING we choose to do either fills or empties some of our precious life force from that pot- lifting us or depleting us. The secret is finding the balance of caring for ourselves and the people who we choose to share our life with.

So for the next 21 days I'm taking Self Care on as my spiritual practice- getting CHOOSY with how I want to spend my life force. Letting go of the guilt, should-ing and people pleasing.

This was a practice that I had become quite the expert in as I journeyed through ten years of chronic illness.  But as my body healed I could do more, like all those things that I was restricted from ploughing my energy into. Yet now I'm recognising the need to priorities my self care  again- to take a minimum of 5 minutes each day for me, with me, to remember those practices that make me feel whole.

If you'd like to join me on this journey of self care just pop over to our Facebook Group- I will share inspiration, tools & techniques that I will be using to amp up my own self care, to listen a little deeper and connect within, plus it's totally FREE- my gift to you.

Using Autumn Equinox (Friday September 22nd) as a starting point to bless us with balance we will support each other to grow into our wholeness, to share fun and easy ways in which we can care for our head, health and heart.