You might be thinking what's the moon got to do me me- my response- EVERYTHING!! The moon has a huge pull on the tides and with the amount of water in our bodies it has a pull on us too- physically, emotionally and energetically.

This week we are heading into the dark moon and then the new moon on Thursday.  It's a time of sowing seedlings to allow them to come into their wholeness.  Might sound pretty WOO right? Well what if I told you that through connecting with the moon energy you could introduce a softness into your life, that does not require you to push to burn out to make your dreams a reality, would you be interested??

Thought is a little video I recorded last year with the moon sequence- which is a great accompaniment to the New & Full Moons (best to start at 36 seconds).

So if your ready to connect with an amazing tribe of like-minded people who are ready to live from a space of alignment and flow to transform their lives, then why not consider our new Moon Meditation & Group Sound Healing Class which will be starting on Wednesday the 18th of October. All the details can be found HERE

I'm excited to hear how you connect with the moon- share your inspiration in the comments below.

With Love,Laura x (2).png