Anyone who has attended any of my classes, workshops or retreat days will have heard me speak about the Chakras (energy centres) or the Koshas (layers of our being), I have been fascinated by the inward journey that unfolds as I began to connect with these deeper layers of my being, and today I want to support you in the inward journey.

Once you know how to connect with these deep parts of your being you can begin to see VERY clearly when certain chakras or koshas are out of balance.  I have recorded a Restorative Yoga Video for you this week, as they first step of connection is relaxation- so I hope you enjoy it.

The 7 main chakras are based along the spine, from the base to the crown of the head.

  • Muladhara (root) all about our sense of groundedness & how secure we feel in this world
  • Swadhisthana(sacral)- realationships, attachements, desired, sexuality, emotions
  • Manipura (solar Plexus)- will power, motivation
  • Anahata (heart)- Love, Joy, Compassion
  • Vishuddha (throat)- ability to communicate clearly
  • Ajna (third eye)- forsight, clarity and intuition
  • Sahasrara (crown)- connection with your highest self

The 5 koshas or layers of our being are often described like the layers of an onion, when we peel them back we can experience the deeper aspects of our being.

  • Annamaya kosha- physical layer
  • Pranamaya kosha- energetic layer
  • Manomaya kosha- emotional & thought layer
  • Vijnanamaya koasha- sub concious & wisdom layer
  • Anandamaya kosha- bliss layer

When we understand the interactions between the koshas and the chakras we can begin to implement changes to bring ourselves back into a deeper space of harmony.


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