As the light of the moon disappears form view tonight we are guided into the dark moon phase or the new moon as its more recently called.  A time of cocooning inwards for reflection and dreaming.


We too just like the moon go through phases, every month, quarter and year and every seven years.  Earlier this week we moved through Bealtaine or ‘bright fire’ a half way point between spring equinox and summer solstice.  Our ancestors in the Celtic tradition celebrated this time as the beginning of summer, through celebration and lighting the summer fires.


Tonight, we move into the new / dark moon phase.  A time when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, meaning that we cannot see the light of the moon in the night sky.  Traditionally this was a time of inner reflection, a time to sow the seeds in the fertile space we have created within. 


When we begin to look at life in a cyclic nature we notice the power of cycles, how nature grows around us, how the moon waxes and wanes and often begin to realise just how out of balance we have become….enter disconnect. 


Darkness gives us the stillness to be, our senses soften, our eyes readjust, our hearing notices the different sounds of silence and our breathing deepens.  Yet how often do we take the time to be in the stillness of silence, to not fear the darkness? To not be connected to our phone, television or music? Our senses become over stimulated, so when the quietness comes it is too overwhelming, the void too great and we don’t know how to just be. Sound familiar??  


As we head into the bank holiday weekend here in Ireland I encourage you to slow down, to begin to notice how you are actually living your life.  To notice how many times you reach for your phone when you begin to enter that place of stillness or silence, to question why you are choosing to go outward and not inward.  To take this time of the dark moon to listen to the sound of silence and to experience the colour of darkness.  To reawaken your deeper senses, to notice the texture of your breath and to truly come home to you. I have weaved a little New / Dark Moon Ritual for you to support you in reconnecting with you, and hope you enjoy x

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With Love,

Laura x