Very often we as adults live most of our life in our head, scheduling, planning, and attempting to control outcomes. I noticed this in my own behaviour last week as I drove through town. I don’t like driving in traffic- I’ve yet to meet someone who does- which means this might be a lesson for you too!!

As I drove I noticed my brain quickly jumping through a hoop of possible routes I could take, noting all the bottle necks, I would drive a little this way, then change and start to drive a different route, all in a attempt to save time and not sit in traffic.

I giggled when I spotted the controlling behaviour and noticed the tightness in my chest and breathing. The irony of this moment was not lost on me, so I pulled in and started to breath for maybe two or three minutes, deep into my heart, and then resumed my journey from a calmer, grounded, more peaceful, trusting place.

Today I offer this video to you, my hope is that it can support you too in coming from your head to your heart. To touching the calm, peaceful, relaxed part of your being, but be warned it won’t work in your car unless your a convertible ;)

This simple shift in my awareness to my behaviour and breath changed everything. Did the outward world change- NO, but I DID! Did I hit traffic- YES, did I gaze out the window and take in my surroundings- YES, did I arrived after I would have liked- YES, but I arrived calm, peaceful and grounded.

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