Through the work I offer both in my classes and through my 1-1 sessions I have the privilege of walking closely with many inspiring people as they courageously unpack and restructure their lives.

In my own life experience and through the witnessing of these amazing beings I am a firm believer in the power of a routine to act as a holding support, especially in times of change.

When I first began to develop my own routines I felt stifled- I'm a free spirit, and the thoughts of committing to a set of practices everyday churned my stomach, constricted my breath and catapulted me into rebellion mode....not constructive to the process!!

I remember waking up one day and realising that I didn't like routine, I wanted flow, I wanted to make space in my life to embrace the magical moments that popped up- so that's what I did- I began to weave a life that aligned with my souls calling.

I have put together some tips that deeply nourished me in creating a fluid routine and perhaps they might be support to you too.

  1. Decide what / how you want to feel

  2. Identify practices that invoke these feelings either when doing them or directly afterwards

  3. Choose one (yes just one to begin) and commit to doing it in a time frame that is appropriate for you for a set amount of days. Sometimes 5 minutes per day is all it takes to create the rhythm to make it lasting, and familiar

  4. At the end of the week review how this new routine has worked….and leave your judgements and monkey mind voices at the door. If it worked and you are beginning to feel the benefit, continue, extend the time or add an additional practice. If it’s not working review why and go back to step one and begin again.

Sometimes the best routines take time and fine tuning, so DON’T be disheartened if your first attempt doesn’t give you an instant life transformation. As the saying goes it’s about the journey not the destination.

Practices that you love will be far easier to integrate, so as a cheerleader for success and momentum start with those one!!

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