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Over the last few weeks I have noticed both in my own life and whilst working with classes and clients that there is an emerging theme of change, some changes small, some changes quite large, some instigated and others landing with devastation.

So today I wish to speak to change- to the uncertainty that it brings to the terrain beneath our feet. To the fear that can contract us as the things around us that once seemed so familiar change. To the inner part of your being that might be freaking out.

In todays blog I offer some tools that I have been using as I move through more changes in life. My hope is that they will support you in meeting times of uncertainty and change from the space of alignment. A space within your being in which what you do, what you say, what you believe and what you feel are actually in harmony.

We want to root down and yet rise up, to stay grounded and yet to stay open to the fullest potential of our being.

  • Acknowledge you in this change.
    Is this change bringing happiness or is it bringing sadness/grief? Recognising what is true for you in this moment, and knowing that what is true for you in this moment will again change. When we acknowledge what is truly real rather than spiritually bypassing to what we want, and how we believe things should be, we witness the deepest part of our being and therefore enable ourselves to know ourselves deeper. In the acknowledgement their is an acceptance that happens, not a condoning, but a release from the struggle of believing things should be different.

  • Allow your routine to hold you

    Last week I wrote about the importance of developing a fluid routine that works for you and again this routine will be a holding of gentle nourishment for you- a hug from you, to you through this time of change. As the terrain beneath and around us changes having practices that instil a deep sense of gratitude can enable us to connect with the abundance that is all around.

  • Connect with your breath.

    Through the work that I offer I continuously see how we lock our breath in times of uncertainty, and I can see it so clearly as I used to do the exact same. The breath, if we are not relaxed or aware of it often becomes jilted and stuck as the nervous system feels the pang of uncertainty. So to enable us to fully receive this prana or life force through our breath we must be willing to consciously breathe through these times of change. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out.

  • Find your tribe.

    One of the biggest messages I keep hearing over the last few weeks is people needing a space of connection with like minded people. Who can nurture us through these times of change, with beliefs that align with our own. If you feel like you’re in need of a new tribe, come join us in our beautiful online community HERE

  • Allow the power of nature to rekindle your love of this world.

    Nature is such a healing force in all of its spirits. From the beautiful sunflowers that offer brightness & strength, to the daisies that grow snuggled in the grass, to the ivy that wraps around the tall tree and the birds who carefully build their nest within the branches of this tree.
    When we look to nature change is inevitable, the leaf on the tree must fall and release at some point and with this fall and release a new beginning opens. As the leaf lands on the Earth beneath it offers it’s life to the nourishment of the earth as it decomposes. Just like the leaf in this decomposing, the releasing, we create space. And it is this space that enables the creative possibility of a new beginnings to take nourishments to receive the blessings from that falling leaf, to learn the lessons and to evolve in a way that is growth.

To those of you who choose to walk with swirling uncertainty so you can live from alignment - I honour you and your spirit.

To those of you who navigate the unsteady terrain each day- I honour you and your courage.

To those of you curled up on a teary snotty mess- I honour you and your pain.

To those of you who have moved through the uncertainty to new landscapes and cheer others on- I honour you and your compassion.

With Love & Gratitude For You,

Laura x

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